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At SUMMIT MAID, we aspire to professionalize the image of the maid agency industry by treating both the employers and the helpers with respect and concern. We are proud to have a high retention rate as we encourage our employers and helpers to have open communication and to work together to have a harmonious relationship.

Why choose SUMMIT MAID?


You only pay if you successfully hire a helper with us. We will get your requirement and shortlist candidates based on your criteria, arrange interview, and present/negotiate offers on your behalf with no obligations or upfront payment required.

We do not practice hard-selling because we believe that both the employer and the helper should be comfortable with the terms of employment for it to work. We are ethical in dealing with our clients and ensure that all pricing and costs are clear from the start (no hidden charges).


Summit Maid has its own dedicated exclusive supplier from source countries. With the help of our full-time training staff overseas, we are directly managing the screening process of the helpers. This is unlike the usual practice where local agencies get biodata from common suppliers and has no control on how the supplier recruit the candidates.


Our consultants are trained to handle different MOM applications. You will be guided every step of the process (from screening to interview to application to hand-over). We are committed to serve you that we will explore all legal options to accommodate your concerns, including submitting appeal to MOM.


If it does not work out within 12 months, the agency fee is WAIVED and employer only need to pay the actual cost of processing (for Transfer Helper, MOM fees is $60 and BGPA).

The good thing is, employer may choose other source / type / nationality of helper from the originally hired helper. Example, if you hired a Transfer helper the first time with us, you may opt to get a First-timer as your replacement and vice versa.


We treat both the employers and the helpers with respect. We believe in addressing the employer's concerns in a timely and professional manner to mitigate misunderstanding between the employer and the helper. We also treat our candidates with genuine concern and respect so that the helper will try her best to make it work with our employers and to avoid run-away cases. We believe that if the agency has good relationship with both parties, we are in better position to mediate for best result.

How do SUMMIT MAID screen the candidates?

We interview the candidates face-to-face if they are already in Singapore or through video call interview if the candidate is still overseas. This screening is to assess the candidate's suitability for employment and to better understand their personality, skills, strengths, and preferences.

We also check the candidate's MOM employment history to ensure that the details in their biodata is true and accurate.

We understand that issues and challenges may come along the way in any employer-helper relationship. That is why our first course of action when these events arise is to do counselling/mediation. But if it doesn't work out, employer is entitled for 2 replacements within 12 months (Agency fee waived).

We provide the following services to better serve you:

  •     Placement of Foreign domestic workers (New FDW/Transfer FDW)
  •     Work permit Application/Renewal/Cancellation
  •     Direct Hiring of FDW
  •     Renewal of Philippines Passport
  •     Home Leave Processing
  •     Purchasing of Insurance/Banker's Guarantee
  •     Counselling and Mediation
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